Authenticity, outstanding quality and sustainability

Environment’s furniture is not only well made and timeless, but designed to be lived in and enjoyed. The company’s values of authenticity and outstanding quality bring the idea of sustainability as an essential component of good living.

Only the best for our upholstery

Our upholstery collections only use the ultimate furniture building methods. Made with FSC woods, and an option to upgrade all our designs with organic latex, jute, hemp and wool, these natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. We are proud to manufacture all our upholstery in the heart of Los Angeles.

Reclaimed Peroba and other woods

For over 15 years Environment has become the leader in reclaimed wood furniture design. After many years of exposure to the elements, nature imparts its process of natural aged patina, which in turn crafts the history and story behind every piece of Peroba and other reclaimed woods used in the Environment collection.

Enjoy Life, Respect The Planet


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