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Juno Coffee Table



With its simple design, the Juno Coffee Table highlights the beauty of Peroba wood and now introducing new reclaimed woods from Mexico, Tsaman Salma and Tsaman Ebony. The Juno is composed from planks of Peroba Rosa, a Brazilian hardwood we’ve reclaimed from barns, benches, and fences that once stood in rural Brazilian villages, and now introducing beautiful Tsaman wood from Mexico that are harvested after the trees have fallen from hurricanes. The central part of the coffee table is supported by a steel I beam. The result is a raw beauty that can’t be imitated by machine. The Juno’s long and lean surface make it an inviting gathering place for many friends.


Height: 15"
Width: 36"
Length: 60"


Reclaimed Peroba exhibits a weathered quality including nail holes and iron stains. Grain, color and natural characteristics will be different with every beam making each project truly one of a kind.


Reclaimed Brazilian Peroba Rosa; Reclaimed Tsaman; Cold Rolled Steel